🌟 Corinthie: Your Partner in Problem-Solving Excellence 🌟

Corinthie isn’t just a company; we’re your trusted allies when challenges arise in your projects. We specialize in solving recurring issues that emerge during various project phases.

πŸ” Case Studies for Non-Conformity: We’re the Sherlock Holmes of project anomalies. When problems persist, we step in to analyze and assess the situation thoroughly. Our mission? To determine the characteristics of the affected elements, assess their permanence, and gauge the severity of damage, all while considering project-related factors.

πŸ’‘ Innovative Solutions, Pragmatic Approach: As a third-party partner, we excel in finding the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our goal is to resolve the problem swiftly without compromising the project’s integrity.

🏒 Damage Assessment Expertise: We specialize in damage assessment within existing facilities. Our approach involves on-site visits, sensory detection, comprehensive testing (both on-site and in the lab), and a unique engineering analysis. Our studies explore various possibilities, including strategies to preserve the structure or re-establish it. Financial considerations are always at the forefront.


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