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Web and App Development Services

We offer a range of Web and App development based on your needs. From CMS WordPress to custom web development using various programming languages all with utilizing the power of Artificial intelligence. You can either choose one of our WordPress packages below or get a quote for a customized website suitable for your needs

All of our websites have the following general features: 

  1. Mobile-Friendly Custom Design

    • Transform your online identity with a design that captivates and engages.
    • Ensure seamless viewing on all devices for maximum reach.
  2. Speed Optimization

    • Elevate user experience with rapid loading times.
    • Keep visitors engaged and encourage exploration.
  3. Social Media Integration

    • Seamlessly connect your website to your social media profiles.
    • Foster engagement and expand your online presence.
  4. 3 Months Support

    • Our commitment extends beyond the website’s launch.
    • We provide ongoing support to address inquiries and concerns.
  5. Unlimited Pages

    • Unleash your creativity with the freedom to expand your website limitlessly.
    • Tell your brand’s story comprehensively and dynamically.
  6. 5 Plugins

    • Enhance functionality with a diverse range of plugins tailored to your needs.
    • Elevate user experience and offer valuable features.
  7. Payment & Social Media Integration

    • Facilitate secure online transactions and amplify your social media reach.
    • Create a holistic online ecosystem for your business.

Choose your package or get a quote for a customized coding website  

  • Customized Website :

    Appsitech crafts tailor-made websites using popular programming languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails (RoR), JavaScript, Python, and more. Our custom solutions offer sleek design, robust performance, and future-ready technology.


    • Bespoke Design: Tailored to reflect your brand.
    • Cutting-Edge Tech: PHP, RoR, JavaScript, Python, etc.
    • User-Centric: Intuitive and engaging experience.

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